If you have ever wondered what would happen if Glen Danzig and Vampiera were to have a baby, than I'm here to tell you: Thee Merry Widows. These ladies are in a class all on their own. But don't let their fish-net stockinged gams and pouty red lips fool you, no; these are the praying mantises of rockabilly, and they will eat you alive. Fronted by the bawdy burlesque queen, Miss Eva von Slut, the band packs a powerhouse of tough-as-nails songs about, well, the darker things in life.

Drawing their inspiration from old B-movie classics, booze and guns, the ladies rock out right proper with Nikki Nightbreed slapping the upright bass, Nishone on lead guitar, Mistress Mandy on rthymn guitar and Andrea on drums; a force not to be reckoned with. This rogue combination is what makes Revenge Served Cold a delightfully sinful album.

The first track of the album, 'Aileen' is an electrified rockabilly song about wayward men and what can only be described as Jack the Rippers worst nightmare ­ a cold-hearted, vengeful temptress. The best line of the song: "Hell has no furry like a woman scorned." Hell Yes. Similarly, 'All Of Them Witches' tells a story of a bewitched woman, however, set to a menacing bass line and suburb melody. These ladies have served up quite the musical feast, proving once and for all, that revenge is indeed a dish best served cold.


As trenchantly alluring a declaration of anti-socialiability as imaginable. The Widows keep their guitars spiked and their vocals in the gutter-blast range, all of which befits this razory metal/punk/'billy maelstrom. Pushups, fishnets, slapback, and spent cartridges.


Five Frisco Psychobetties singing about booze, Beelzebub and the ancient undead, Thee Merry Widows put whip to leather on REVENGE SERVED COLD, a collection of rockabilly garage with some dusty western moments thrown into the mix. If you like it rough, dig the band's cover of Demented Are Go!'s Holy Hack Jack, as well as the final cut Talk Shit, Spit Blood, a tough-as-claws track that pretty much sums up the album...


For those of you who know Secret for a little longer know that music is very important to me. But music is also quite important to fashion and fetish. It seems that the Psychobilly rage where the performers are sometimes dressed better then those who attend the so called "fetish partys" has gotten to me. I got interested when Emily Marilyn was telling me about the heavy beat and the fact that she went to concerts all dressed in rubber! I had to know more! My first discovery is Thee Merry Widows. Formed in 2003 they have a unique brand of psychobilly and ghoulish glamour, and have played with legends such as Nekromantix, Demented Are Go!, Misfits, and Mad Sin. The longtime corset enthusiast and fan Miss Eva von Slut sings lyrics that frequently deal with themes celebrating her penchants for submissive males and describe her fondness for tight fitting latex. A Merry Widows show comes with a solo performed using Miss Eva's rubber clad tits. Psychobilly has come a long way.


Lead by busty burlesque queen Miss Eva von Slut (picture Anna Nicole Smith with flaming Elvis Presley tattoos), Thee Merry Widows are five fetished-up femmes from Northern California with a taste for hot cars and surf guitars. Featuring four Crampsy cuts like the smoothly harmonized Cruel Mistress and Grave Robbers from Outer Space (complete with Theremin solo) this one's got some moxie...


Thee Merry Widows, an all-girl psychobilly band (how cool is that???!!!) from San Francisco, sent me a copy of their brand-new 4-song CDŠ.These gorgeous gals on the cover and crazy-weird cool psychobilly songs about 'Grave Robbers from Outer Space' and 'The Curse' combined with Miss Eva von Slutıs domineering vocals and a band that isnıt just "really good for a bunch of girls" but "really good, period" make this a fantastic add to any psychobilly collection. Iıve gotta see these girls live, so Eva ----Iım gonna look you up on my next trip to San Fran! AMP MAGAZINE #26, OCT 2004


These five vixens out of California are the type of chicks that can probably kick my ass. As that being a threat, I must say that this album has real potential. Thee Merry Widows are Andrea (Drums), Nikki Nightbreed (Upright Bass), Miss Eva von Slut (Vocals), Mistress Mandy (Rhythm Guitar), and Nishone (Lead Guitar). These bad betties are not musically challenged as they play some really cool tunes that sound like something out of the Munster TV show. Unfortunately, this album only offers four tracks leaving you wanting a little more. The sound is great, the band is great, and the songs are greatŠ ROCKIBILLY MONTHLY ISSUE #8, SEPT 2004


Proving that gothic punk isn't only for the guys of AFI, Alkaline Trio, and My Chemical Romance, the all-girl powerhouse of Thee Merry Widows have assembled themselves as a force to be reckoned with. The five-member gang of sultry gals creates fun Halloween gloom fueled by dynamic melodic vocals over captivating guitar lines and contagious drumbeats. I am sure these ladies will go far with their accomplished musical ability and fantastic sparkle. It's too bad the band has only released a four-song EP, but it will definitely be exciting to see what's next for Thee Merry Widows.


Given that Iım the only responsible journalist left alive after the recent rash of zombie attacks, it's my duty to warn you: Do not listen to Thee Merry Widows self-titled EP. The(e) Widows will lure you in with a perfectly twistable bass line while the buttery vocals of Miss Eva Von Slut divulge an alien plot on 'Grave Robbers (From Outer Space).' You could call it psychobilly, but this implies guys with bad haircuts playing punk rock with stand-up bass. These are chicks in bustiers, and their delivery is as smooth as they are cunning. Miss Eva rocks the theremin to spooky Vincent Price-like effect. As their seemingly candid tales coyly unfold, it becomes clear that Thee Merry Widows aren't on your side, Jack. Miss Eva drawls on the final track, 'Youıve been chosen as a servant.' Thereıs an overarching plot line here: Foxy tattooed girls with cool hair and blood red lips are going to invite you to a swell party with a punch bowl and many moonlit opportunities to suck face. But donıt do it man! They're girl assassins! And heartless mistresses of black magic! OK, so that might not be so bad, but they're in league with aliens and zombies. Donıt say I didnıt warn you. And you thought the Misfits were scary - they only combed their hair like that 'cause they were balding.





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